Thursday, October 20, 2011

Amazing new Burt's Bees Facial line!!!!!

So I was able to try out the new sensitive facial wash and moisturizer from Burt's Bees from Bzzagent and I must say...... I AM IN LOVE!!! This new product is so light and gentle I actually look forward to washing my face lol! Beautiful soft smell and soft feel to it as well as improving your skins appearance and feel. I have seen a difference in just the first weeks time and if you are looking for a nice gentle face wash and moisturizer check this product out!!!

All natural gentle new line of skin solutions. Contains cotton to help replenish sensitive skin. Also rice, and aloe. They help moisturize skin, increase softness, improve skins barrier, maintain skins natural moisture, helps even out skin tone. The four products are:
Sensitive facial cleanser
Sensitive daily moisturizer
Sensitive eye cream
Sensitive night cream
99% natural

Face cleanser is 9.99 soap free, moisturizes while gently cleaning away dirt oil and makeup without over drying. Contains quillaja which is extradite from soapbark tree and provides natural foaming lather. Contains yucca, a desert plant high in saponins which is used in cleansing.

Daily moisturizer
All day nourishing moisturizer is clinically proven to moisturize without causing redness or irritation. Contains rice extract to moisturize. Aloe to soothe. Non- comedogenic (doesn't clog pores) $14.99

Eye cream
Lightweight, moisturize the delicate eye area without redness or irritation. Reduces under eye puffiness. Contains white genepi extract an anti inflammatory agent. Contains eye bright which has tannins thought to decrease inflammation. $14.99

Night cream
Moisturizes over night contains rice extract to moisturize contains aloe to soothe

Saturday, July 23, 2011

piCture pOlish blog fest "violet femme"

I was really excited to be selected to participate in blog fest by piCture pOlish in Australia! They sent me one of their fabulous shades called "Violet Femme" Its a purple so you know I'm already in love but it is just such a pretty shade. Goes on smooth quite even and dries not too fast but not too slow. As Goldilocks would say "Just right!" I used 3 coats although I could have gotten away with 2 no problem but as always I do 3. I love the square bottle it comes in and the polish when you look at it and use it you can tell its high quality. Can't wait to stock up on my new favorite polish!!!

       This web site offers a wide selection of beautiful colors all made in Australia. All for a wonderful price. These gals are sweet and very helpful any questions just ask them!! The site will have swatches posted for all to see the beautiful wide range of colors they have to offer Please go check them out!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kingston Technology 8gb Data Traveler locker

I received this great opportunity from Bzzagent and I must say this is the nicest flash drive I have tried and is now my favorite. Password protected, and If the password is wrong 10 times the flash drive will automatically reformat so your files on the flash drive are always protected!! This also has no cap but a swivel feature so there is no cap to loose. you just have to swivel the flash drive around a pretty neat feature! I will upload another picture ASAP!! I am glad to be able to try out this handy little "locker"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gaga for Lady Gaga!!!!!!!

OK, So everyone has listened to all of the wonderful new brilliant music from Lady Gaga. But this album is AWESOME! I can't get any of the new songs out of my head. She is truly amazing. She is an inspiration for everyone. (listing to BAD KIDS right now) I was in love with Born This Way when I first heard that. And wasn't too sure about Judas but now I'm in love with it all!! The Edge of Glory is my Favorite on this album. I love how this album has an 80's theme with a new generation twist. Some songs bring me back to Madonna days and I was young for those. But its a NEW generation with GAGA!! lol. I could go on and on but my dearest son needs a nap!! Last I shall say Is I am happy my husband doesn't get on my case (yet) for wanting to listen to this album over and over!! Oh yes and I'm really happy I have good music to listen too!! Thank you Lady Gaga for again making a fantastic album!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The start of something new

Welcome! This new blog will hopefully not be all over the place but I do want to use this to express myself with any random thoughts as well as review products and post pictures of these products too. I am hoping this program can accomplish what I am looking for in a blog service. I hope my readers enjoy the random things I post here!!